Episode 11 – Dr. Fredrick Luis Aldama

Episode 011 – Dr. Fredrick Luis Aldama out now!

In this episode of Academics and Amigos, Anthony interviews Dr. Fredrick Luis Aldama, is a distinguished Professor/Scholar at Ohio State University, Eisner Award-winning author, author, and editor of 30+ books including his new children’s book The Adventures is Chupacabra Charlie. Also, he is the founder/director of a Latinx outreach program called LASER and Sol-Con Comics Expo. Dr. Aldama and Anthony discuss how he became a scholar and scholars who inspired him, his thoughts on the future of comic studies, his thoughts on Latinx representation within comic book media, and he talks about his new book The Adventures of Chupacabra Charlie.

Special thank you to Ken Perez (@perez.kenneth.a) for the official podcast theme song.

Follow Dr. Aldama here:
Website: professorlatinx.osu.edu
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/professorlatinx
Twitter and Instagram: @ProfessorLatinx
Chupacabra Charlie:
The Adventures of Chupacabra Charlie

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